Sheer black

I thought today I would share an outfit I am wearing right now. Sheer fabric has always scared me. It shows my rolls and my bra, but today I was feeling edgy and I love the way this top fits me. I've been wearing the top with a skirt all day but tonight I am gong to the movies by starlight in Waitangi park and wanted to cover up my legs incase it gets chilly when the sun goes down. My boyfriend will probably disown me when he gets home as he has very strong opinions regarding leggings, "Leggings are not pants Ezmae" he says all the time. For a long time I was with him, but lately I have opened my wardrobe to many new pieces of clothing and styles and I just want to be comfortable and not give a toss what everyone thinks of my camel toe. Wow that felt good to say. So here I am in leggings as pants (with slight camel toe), showing of my rolls and bra for all of you to cringe or adore over!

Top - City Chic
Necklace - Virtu/TS14
Leggings - The Warehouse
Ballet Flats - Torrid

It is well and truly feeling like summer here in Wellington! The last week has been sunny blue skys everyday and a gorgeous breeze. You really cannot beat Wellington on a perfect day. I have been spending a lot of my days lounging around the back garden on a picnic blanket eating salads and drinking iced coffee and reading Game of Thrones series. It has truly been marvelous and although I will miss all these relaxing days doing nothing I am so looking forward to Uni starting back up in a month!

I hope the weather is being kind to the rest of you, stay cool!


Aussie Curves - Purple

When I was a kid purple was my favourite colour. I wore purple overalls, and this matching purple track pant and jacket thing. Although these days my preferred colour is now red I still love purple. I only have two purple things in my wardrobe it turns out. I knew this week I wanted to dress up my outfit a bit more as last week was very casual and I wanted to repurpose this cardi in a way I havent worn it before. So I give you my favourite purple cardi and a home made skirt I sewed up a while ago. The major thing for me this week is my up do. You may have noticed that I never wear my hair up. I think I associate it with hospitality jobs because the only time I have ever worn my hair up is when I have worked in cafes etc for health and safety reasons. However I have been growing my hair for so long now (yes truly I have! This is the longest its been in my life) I feel I need to do something with it, it gets all  up in my face and only behaves with the help of a dozen bobby pins. Please be honest, what do you think, can I pull of an up do? I feel so naked, its strange having so much neck exposed! 

Cardigan - City Chic
Skirt - Homemade
Pearls - 21st gift
Earrings - Thrifted
Shoes - Diana Ferrari
Belt - Virtu
Hair bows - Diva

It was quite fun doing these photos and overall I am happy with all the colours in my outfit, I love blue and purple together. Im still a bit iffy over the up do but it may grow on me yet.

Do you love purple or need some purple inspiration? Check out the other gorgeous Aussie Curve ladies and their purple outfits below!


The peachy dress

This peachy dress is a bit of an iffy dress. You have to have the right skin tone to pull this one off well I believe. I do not have that skin tone though, of course this didn't stop me wearing this outfit on Monday teamed with a casual sneaker, vintage purse and red lips. While I love the cut and pattern on this dress the colour is not quite right for me, even after a week of lounging around the back yard in the sun. I wanted to share the outfit because even though it is far form perfect and flattering it was a fun dress to wear out. I felt very feminine and cute and ever so comfortable in my white sneakers. 

Dress - Asos Curve
Shoes - The Warehouse
Purse - Thrifted

The bag you see here is one I found op shopping a few years ago, it has snake skin on the front which forms a a cute bow and even came with the authenticated ticket tucked away in the inner pocket. I love how red lippy can turn any outfit into something new. Here I feel like it gives me an olden day hint with the colour of the dress and white sneakers. Usually I would pair this dress with stockings and ballet flats and a black cardi for the evening.

Hope your having a great day,


Aussie Curves - Texture

This week is all about texture and I was a little stumped over what I would wear for this theme. It is a long weekend here in Wellington for Wellington Anniversary so my boyfriend is home and relaxing and I planned a big picnic out at Kaitoke reserve on Sunday. Thankfully the weather was with us and we headed out for lunchtime yums and relaxing in the sun. I scored this picnic basket at an op shop for $7 dollars before Christmas and my mum got me a new flask and all sorts of awesome picnicking utensils. I cannot wait to use all this gear more often and get out in the sun.

My outfit for the picnic was a total no fuss, no makeup, just be comfy in the sun kind of look and I have to say I felt great and confident. I hadn't worn this intending it for Aussie Curves but realized in the car that crocheting would probably meet this weeks criteria just fine. How cute is this little bit of detail on the straps and back.

I have never been a big fan of short shorts just because I didn't think I could rock them, but with my hard work at the gym my legs are defiantly looking better and I feel a lot more comfy in them than I would have a year ago. I love the way in which this top drapes and doesn't cling any wear and how this  outfit just echoes my thoughts of summer days. Keep an eye out for the next few weeks as swimwear week is coming up soon and I may have just snapped a few pictures for it on this same picnic trip.

Top - Meyer
Shorts - City chic

I had such a fantastic day and cannot wait to check out everyone else's outfits this week. Im sure everyones will be more interesting mine but I just could not resist having a nice casual no fuss post for once. Check out the other fabulously textured ladies below and don't forget to leave a comment, I love having feedback and seeing who is looking at the blog. 


Put on your blue shoes

Hi everyone! Today I spent half my day unpacking and organizing boxes of stuff from my recent move. This led to a couple of exciting discoveries including this dress which I had forgotten about. The dress is from Torrid from about 2007, I haven't worn it in years as it has been hiding away but it still fits and it will now have a new home in my wardrobe next to all my other dresses. 

Cardi - City Chic 
Dress - Torrid
Shoes - Minx
Pearls - Gifted
Hair clips - Diva

The other exciting discovery are these shoes. They are a New Zealand brand called Minx and must be from about 2006, I remember buying them for $10 as they were faulty, (the tip and edging of the shoe was meant to be covered in black lace or something) so I got them at a steal. I feel like dorothy in them even though they are blue. One day I will get around to attaching the black lace myself to cover up the scuff marks on the material but still how cute are they. I am so glad I found them again.

I think its obvious that I got a bit matchy matchy today but I couldn't resist. I was channeling the blue.
It feels great being back form holiday and when I have finally kicked this cold I picked up expect a lot more posts featuring Vietnam.

Have a great week!


Aussie Curves - Second Hand

I have been waiting for this challenge for a while now because like other people I adore op shopping and cannot wait to check out all the other ladies outfits. I always knew what I was going to wear for this challenge until a recent trip to Wanaka's Salvation Army store where I found this vintage dress. 

As a plus sized op shopping enthusiast I never expect to find much in dress racks, especially vintage dress racks. However I always have a look just incase and when I saw the colour of the dress I crossed my fingers as I looked at the size on the tag, an 18 horay! 

The dress is slightly small in the arms and bust. I have to leave the zip gaping open but this is easily fixed with this cute scarf I picked up on a different shopping trip.

This bag is a recent find as well. I love the crisp white with the bright jade colouring of the dress. The belt you see used to be my lovely Granny's. It feels like leather and is orange on the other side making it reversible. It didn't use to fit me but I kept it all the same and now here I am wearing it on the 3rd notch even! I teamed the dress up with this cute blue jacket, I love how the colours work together and it adds some extra structure to the outfit.

Dress - Vintage/Thrifted
Belt - vintage (Grannys)
Jacket - Virtue
Tights - City Chic
Shoes - Dianna Ferrari
Bag - Thrifted

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