Aussie Curves - Swimwear

Swimwear is something a lot of us plus sized ladies have night mares about. I was quite nervous about this post as it is so very close to you seeing me only in my underwear, which if we knew each other and were in person would be no big deal for myself but here on the internet I am a little freaked out to be quite honest. As a way of facing this head on I have avoided editing any of these photos, I have no make up on, I didn't even look in a mirror before these were taken what you are seeing is ALL me, all natural as it should be. It was such a fun day and I hope that comes through in the pictures.

As a part of me learning to be comfortable in my own skin and fat I have been working my way up to wearing a bikini. only a year ago I would not be seen dead at the pools in togs without board shorts but one day I decided this is silly, board shorts are so uncomfortable and not even flattering, why am I restricting myself because of pale legs and self consciousness. So I bought myself the Rivera one piece swimsuit form City Chic last year and have been swimming in it heaps. But my real goal was to get in a bikini in public and holy moly I met goal the other week when we went picnicking. 

Top - Asos Curve
Bottoms - City Chic

As I stood here a meter long Eel swam right past me!
So lets talk about the stuff I am wearing! The top is from Asos Curves new range of swim wear which you can find here and the bottoms are from City Chic on the sale rack. I think the top looks okay but Im not running out to order another one, the material feels on the cheaper side and the white is more off white up close. The buttons are stitched on crookedly and there is not enough support for my big boobs unless you count my neck (which I don't). It also has boning on the sides to help it sit properly, but lets face it your chucking two random bits of structure to keep something flat on a not so flat waistline, it was a disaster and I have taken them out. I have hunted for a bikini top with thick straps and no halter for months and found nothing, I even tried converting an old bra and cutting up an old tankini and still failed. Overall I would give this top a 4/10 just because comfort is important to me and this hasn't really done the job. I will wear this again as its handy to have something less bulky to chuck in a bag if heading to the beach . One of my reasons to own a bikini styled top is to be able to get changed under a T-shirt with bra. I will always envy flat chested ladies who wear bikinis under maxi dresses and holiday outfits, always ready for a swim at a moments notice.

So there you have it world! Me with my pale skin bared to the world on a fantastic day in Wellington.
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