Sheer black

I thought today I would share an outfit I am wearing right now. Sheer fabric has always scared me. It shows my rolls and my bra, but today I was feeling edgy and I love the way this top fits me. I've been wearing the top with a skirt all day but tonight I am gong to the movies by starlight in Waitangi park and wanted to cover up my legs incase it gets chilly when the sun goes down. My boyfriend will probably disown me when he gets home as he has very strong opinions regarding leggings, "Leggings are not pants Ezmae" he says all the time. For a long time I was with him, but lately I have opened my wardrobe to many new pieces of clothing and styles and I just want to be comfortable and not give a toss what everyone thinks of my camel toe. Wow that felt good to say. So here I am in leggings as pants (with slight camel toe), showing of my rolls and bra for all of you to cringe or adore over!

Top - City Chic
Necklace - Virtu/TS14
Leggings - The Warehouse
Ballet Flats - Torrid

It is well and truly feeling like summer here in Wellington! The last week has been sunny blue skys everyday and a gorgeous breeze. You really cannot beat Wellington on a perfect day. I have been spending a lot of my days lounging around the back garden on a picnic blanket eating salads and drinking iced coffee and reading Game of Thrones series. It has truly been marvelous and although I will miss all these relaxing days doing nothing I am so looking forward to Uni starting back up in a month!

I hope the weather is being kind to the rest of you, stay cool!