Put on your blue shoes

Hi everyone! Today I spent half my day unpacking and organizing boxes of stuff from my recent move. This led to a couple of exciting discoveries including this dress which I had forgotten about. The dress is from Torrid from about 2007, I haven't worn it in years as it has been hiding away but it still fits and it will now have a new home in my wardrobe next to all my other dresses. 

Cardi - City Chic 
Dress - Torrid
Shoes - Minx
Pearls - Gifted
Hair clips - Diva

The other exciting discovery are these shoes. They are a New Zealand brand called Minx and must be from about 2006, I remember buying them for $10 as they were faulty, (the tip and edging of the shoe was meant to be covered in black lace or something) so I got them at a steal. I feel like dorothy in them even though they are blue. One day I will get around to attaching the black lace myself to cover up the scuff marks on the material but still how cute are they. I am so glad I found them again.

I think its obvious that I got a bit matchy matchy today but I couldn't resist. I was channeling the blue.
It feels great being back form holiday and when I have finally kicked this cold I picked up expect a lot more posts featuring Vietnam.

Have a great week!