Aussie Curves - Purple

When I was a kid purple was my favourite colour. I wore purple overalls, and this matching purple track pant and jacket thing. Although these days my preferred colour is now red I still love purple. I only have two purple things in my wardrobe it turns out. I knew this week I wanted to dress up my outfit a bit more as last week was very casual and I wanted to repurpose this cardi in a way I havent worn it before. So I give you my favourite purple cardi and a home made skirt I sewed up a while ago. The major thing for me this week is my up do. You may have noticed that I never wear my hair up. I think I associate it with hospitality jobs because the only time I have ever worn my hair up is when I have worked in cafes etc for health and safety reasons. However I have been growing my hair for so long now (yes truly I have! This is the longest its been in my life) I feel I need to do something with it, it gets all  up in my face and only behaves with the help of a dozen bobby pins. Please be honest, what do you think, can I pull of an up do? I feel so naked, its strange having so much neck exposed! 

Cardigan - City Chic
Skirt - Homemade
Pearls - 21st gift
Earrings - Thrifted
Shoes - Diana Ferrari
Belt - Virtu
Hair bows - Diva

It was quite fun doing these photos and overall I am happy with all the colours in my outfit, I love blue and purple together. Im still a bit iffy over the up do but it may grow on me yet.

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