Aussie Curves - Bling

When I think bling I think diamonds and sparkles and all things fancy. The weather is a bit gross, all muggy and on and off again raining but I grabbed a chance and jumped outside quickly. I honestly didn't know what to wear this week and then this dress was delivered today and problem solved. I also wanted to show off my new purse I scored op shopping this weekend for only $2. I kept my necklace and ring black rather than try to compete with my new dress.

I am so in love with the colours of this dress and the cut, that I am ignoring how short is is. When I do wear it out of the house I will be pairing it with leggings for sure.

Dress/Belt - Asos Curve
Ring - City Chic
Necklace - Pagani
Purse - Thrifted 
Shoes - Torrid

 I had my hair cut on Monday and even though it was just a tidy up and we only took off a few centimeters it makes my hair bounce up so much that it appears very short. I can't wait until it gets it's weight back and falls nicely again. Oh and I do apologize for having my wee remote in my hands in all these shots. I haven't quite figured out how to make it invisible yet.

Do you like to put your bling on and show it off? Need some inspiration..check out these ladies!


Aussie Curves - Feathers

Hi everyone!
Here is another week of Aussie Curves that I just didn't want to miss out on so this was all done before I came on holiday. Okay this feels strange writing this in past tense in the present haha. Back to the challenge, feathers. I did not own anything with feathers in or on it until I saw this challenge. I don't have anything against them but they re just not my thing. I really like the boho look but I never look right in it so I went searching in town for some cheap feather accessories and came across this necklace for $5.00 at Diva. I love the colour and I think with the basic outfit it works quite well. 

 The pants are super comfy bengaline from Ballentynes and the top was a cheap for $10 at the warehouse.

I just love the colour of these feathers and they add a pop of colour to an otherwise bland outfit.
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Aussie Curves - Shorts

I am not a huge fan of shorts, I find them to be one of the hardest items of clothing to find that fit well and look good. These are the only shorts I have that fit right now but to be honest I never wear them. I got them out of storage incase I wanted to take them on holiday with me but I'm not sure I will. Enough whinging because hey Aussie Curves is all about pushing your own limits and this week is doing that for me. I have tried to make this a nice summer casual look with lots of colour.

Shorts - Torrid
Top - Cannot remember
Cardigan - Torrid
Shoes - Torrid

I did this post up a month in advance because I'm on HOLIDAY so I do apologize if I do not get to reply to comments as I usually like to! Do you need some inspiration when it comes to shorts? Check out these lovely ladies!


 As promised here is another outfit of the day post. This is from Tuesday and my remote for the camera had just arrived so I wanted to test it out. I need to work on it a little bit but for now I am happy. I feel like every time I wear something red in Decemeber I am being all christmasy but actually I just have an obsession with red and it just happens to be Dec.

This dress is from Asos Curve that I got on sale and its so cute and red hehe. I usually pair it with black accessories but actually I think the red works a lot better. Red belt is from City Chic as is the jacket. Shoes I picked up on special at number one shoe warehouse for $14.99 in the mens section. I have size 12 feet so can never buy off the shelf shoes unless they are mens or from a specially shoe store. 

You may not have noticed but today I tried out something different with my hair. I love vintage hair styles but with my curly hair they are quite difficult to pull off or even know where to begin. I usually just straighten my fringe under so it curls in a cute fringe but it never lasts and if I sweat I have no hope.  I made a rat role out of a hair donut you can use for a top bun. By cutting it in half you are able keep the cylindrical shape and use it to wind your hair around and pin in place. No straightening required! I need a bit more practice but am happy with it so far. 

Dress - Asos Curve
Jacket/belt - City Chic
Necklace - Tigerlily
Shoes - Number 1 shoe warehouse

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment as I love feed back and meeting new people. xo


OOTD post

A quick post from me today. This was meant for Sunday but I've been keeping myself busy the last couple of days. This is a dress I made a while ago from some fabric that cost me $2 a meter. Of course at that price I bought about 8 metros and have made tote bags and hair scrunchies with some of it haha. 

I really like this dress, how it falls and the very light thin material which is good for summer. I had som cute heart buttons that I used on the bust and always pair this outfit with a black cardi or this time this little red jacket i picked up in last years Boxing day sales from City Chic.

You can expect more out fit posts from me int he future as I finally got myself a remote for the camera. I usually rely on boyfriend to take my photos after he finishes work but usually it is dark outside by then or my hair has been messed up too much and I am over it haha. 

Have a great day everyone!


Aussie Curves - Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns can seem frightening for some but I was quite excited about this challenge and already had a few outfits planned out in my head. The one I ended up wearing hadn't even occurred to me but when I put on this dress I decided to try it with my floral cardigan and was pleasantly surprised with the pattern combo and to add to it I matched up my patterned hand bag that has been a favourite for the past two years. I feel like this outfit is pulled together rather well with the colours being repeated in each piece, the blue in the cardi ties in with the dress and earrings, and the handbags purple with the purple in the cardi. Using reoccuring colours to help mix patterns can work really well!

To bring out the white in this dress I have teamed the outfit with my white broach and new white shoes from The Warehouse that were only $6 from the mens section last weekend. 

I feel like this cardigan was made for this outfit, I never really wear it and now I want to wear it all the time. I love the colours in it and although it is a bit baggy on its so cute and casual. 

I am sporting my favourite new lipstick called Flamingo by Australis again and have decided that this summer my wardrobe is going to revolve around the colours pink, blue and aqua! 

I also want to point out my 'easy breezy shorts' that I am wearing under the dress as they make this outfit bearable for me being such a short dress. I can bend over and have no shame as well as being able to shop until I drop and walk around in windy Wellington in comfort and style. 

The great thing about mixing patterns is that you are able to get more wear out of certain pieces. One of my favourite ways to mix patterns is floral and polka dot.

Dress- Asos Curve
Cardi - Torrid
Shoes - The Warehouse
Belt - City Chic
Bag - Loungefly 
Broach - Diva
Shorts - Virtue/TS14+


Mini Break - homeward bound

The wind is howling and the rain is pouring today. I have finished my daily chores and have gotten some baking out of the way so this feels like the perfect time to deliver my 3rd and final post about my mini break anniversary weekend to Wanaka. I believe last time we left off on saturday night with going out to a fancy dinner so right now I will wrap this up with the Sunday and Monday summary.

We started Sunday with a quick bike ride around part of the lake. Unfortunatly we just used the hotel bikes and they were pretty bad. My tires were flat and we both struggled to fit our big heads in the helmets provided and to add to that the wind had picked up and so we didn't go too far.

For lunch we decided on a  picnic and drove an hour out to the blue pools which is where a mountain stream meets ups ith a large river and because of the fresh water from snow melting the water is an amazing blue colour. It started raining a little while we were there and we ended up picnicking in our hire car and avoiding the dreaded sand flies. I don't know why but they love my blood. Wherever I go I always get bit and always react badly whereas my boyfriend is left alone completely. 

That night we had dinner at The Cow Shed, a cool barn turned into a pizza and spaghetti resteraunt and then we headed to the local cinema, Paradiso Cinema, to watch the new Bond film, Skyfall. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos in there but it was such a cute and perfect place to see a film! The cinema is in a building that used to eva  church and instead of your usually cinema chairs there were many comfy couches and arm chairs and even an old morris minor with bus seats in it. the best part though was intermission where everyone goes into the lobby and buys freshly baked cookies! They were huge and delicious and I wish I could have a movie experience like that every time I went to the cinema. Here is me saying good bye to Wanaka.

Monday meant that it was time to head home but we had all day to explore our way back to Queenstown. We drove the crown range road again and stopped off at Arrowtown, a small gold mining town that saw some of the first chinese immigrants into the country. The whole area is very cute and streets are lined with cottage homes and some of the original houses for the chinese minors still remain  intact.  

The town is so cute, I would have loved to see inside some of the places but we were only passing through. I found some more wildflowers and had to have one last photo with them.

Here is an example of the little huts the Chinese minors lived in. What do you think? Should Andrew and I put in an offer for our first home? They are so tiny I could hardly stand up in them. Below is a quick snap of Queenstown as we made our way back to the airport and home. 

The view from the plane was breathtaking all the way. Amazing mountain peaks. I cannot wait to go back to visit this region again but int he meantime I do like being home.

Thanks for taking a look at my holiday snaps, it was fun sharing them and I hope it makes you want to come to New Zealand as it is a beautiful place.