Taking a moment..

It has been one of those weeks where I just need to take a moment each day and smell the roses or in this case some pretty flowers. Clearing the head and getting out the house makes all the difference lately. Not only is it exam week for me but after only one month since we last moved house we are again searching for a new place. Long story short our landlords have sold the complex we live in and we need to get out before our big overseas adventure to Vietnam. Whenever I think about moving I think I could cry, I hate moving so much. Im very much a nester, I love unpacking and making somewhere home. Usually I set everything up to look pretty while my boyfriend sets up the TV hehe. In the last four years I have lived in three different countries and moved house a whopping ten times! 

After finding out we had to move again I went a bit agro and swore a lot for the first few days now I've settled back into the routine of calling rental properties all day and forever browsing the internet. It is going to be hard to settle for anything less that what we are in now. Time to clear the head and smell the flowers, think of  the positives and keep calm. 

What do you all do to clear your head and get back into a good space?


Aussie Curves- Skirts

This weeks challenge is skirts. I did wear a skirt today however I didn't get a chance to get a photo. I love skirts and I wear them all the time, lately I've even been brave enough two ear them without leggings/stockings. I'm really in one of those moods where I can't be bothered getting photos taken. We all have them right! Instead I will show you a few of my most recent 'skirty' outfits from previous posts and outings. 

I recently made this skirt and it has become a quick favourite

I turned an old maxi dress into a skirt-so comfy

Most recent outfit post featured this leopard print skirt

I love this skirt its my most worn!
I always style it with red

This last skirt is one of my favorites, its a real oldie now from City Chic 2009? Its a bit on the small side  at the moment hence I'm not wearing it but do plan to be back in it by christmas time! Motivational clothing haha.

What are your favourite skirts? Need some inspiration? Check out some of these curvets skirts!

My wardrobe tips and tricks!

In this post I will share six of my tips and tricks to keeping my wardrobe fresh and wearer friendly.

Tip 1: 

Don't throw out last seasons pieces!
Have you noticed that styles seem to repeat, each autumn purple and navy are in. Each spring, pastels make a reappearance. Don't throw out your old clothes, if they still fit or you like them simply keep them. However if you don't think you will wear an item again how about donating them to your local charity shop. Also invest in timeless pieces, such as a nice floral dress will never go out of fashion or a nice pair of jeans. 

Tip 2 :

If your like me and don't want to or can't afford to spend a lot of money on clothes why not try selling them online. I'd say 90% of the money I spend on clothes these days is from reselling the items I no longer fit or like. I use Trademe.co.nz it is easy to use and they only take a small fee for each sell. There are other places you can do this though, Facebook for example has City Chic buy and sell pages as does Asos. If you are overseas look into websites such as Gumtree, Ebay or even Craigslist or you may know of others.

Tip 3:

Have you lost weight recently or have your clothes stretched?
Embrace belts! This seems like an obvious one but when chatting with friends and other people losing weight they often overlook the simplicity of wearing a belt with their favorite dress that is now too big. Not only does it freshen up your look and help the dress fit but you also show off your new or refined curves!

Tip 4: 

Have a regular wardrobe clean out. De-clutter that space. For me this has been easy lately as I keep moving house and each time I try tog et rid of as many things as possible. It is actually really satisfying and a lot of the time you come across clothes you forgot about and might even be back in fashion. How about storing winter clothing in a plastic container to keep them fresh and organized.

Tip 5:

Forget about trends! Dress for yourself, dress for your body, and dress for comfort!
You won't be happy in your clothes if you don't feel confident in them. If you don't feel that skinny jeans don't suit your figure simply don't buy them. You don't have to conform to latest trends or styles.

Tip 6:

My Final tip for the day is if you like a good bargain try shopping online. If you live in NZ or AUS try shopping at websites like Torrid, Threadless, Evans, Asos and many more as they are in the northern hemisphere there seasons are opposite! Meaning right now all their summer stuff is on sale just in time for our summer to begin!

Just today I found this dress while reorganizing my drawers!

Do you have any special tips and tricks you want to share? Leave a comment I'd love to know what you do to save money and make yourself feel good!


Pencil Skirts

The past couple of weeks have been so busy for me. It is that time of year when all of the last essays are due in for uni and I have to prep fro exams. I can't believe I'm nearly finished my first year, one third of the way to getting my first degree! It is quite exciting and I have to admit I really enjoy studying and can't wait for next years papers to begin already. 

This week hasn't really been a week for nice outfits, instead I have been wearing my gym gear in-between running errands and studying so today I felt like making an effort to feel a bit fancier. I just love pencil skirts and this one from City Chic is so comfy with the stretch fabric and high waistline. In fact nearly everything I'm wearing in this post is from City Chic except the shoes and accessories! 

Top- City Chic
Skirt/Belt- City Chic
Stockings- City Chic
Shoes-Dianna Ferrari
Necklace- Swarovski

The spring weather is playing havoc with my usual spot for photos so indoors it is unfortunately. On a different note I recently bought a new swimsuit and today I trialled it out for the first time at the gym pool doing some good old fashion aqua jogging! So much fun and I actually felt confident in a one piece! 

Until next time,

Aussie Curves- Breaking the rules

I'm a little late to the game this week but finally have had some snap shots taken of my breaking the rules outfit! These rules are mostly my own but I guess most people don't wear their pajamas out of the house much.

My fashion rules are mostly about my personal preference on style and what suits my body, this week I challenged myself to wear something I would defiantly not usually wear out of the house but that I feel extremely comfy and relaxed in.  One other thing that I have bent trying to get over lately is wearing contacts, I have worn glasses since I was about five years old and I always feel ever so slightly naked without them especially in photos.

My Rules are:
1. Harem Pants
2. Top tucked into high waisted pants
3. Pajamas as pants
4. Contacts

So a few months ago I found these pants at farmers in a clearance sale and they were massive on me but they looked like they would make the perfect pajamas and lazying around the house pants so I bought them. Since then I have put elastic in the waist band to help fit me properly and now they are my go to comfy weekend pants and pajama pants. I've always really hated harem pants for some reason, maybe because i think they are unflattering on any figure especially mine but now I'm learning to love them!

I really like the look of tops tucked into high waisted jeans but always feel slightly uncomfortable when I do it myself as i feel my tummy is on show to everyone, in a skirt it is a lot more flattering for me.

Top- City Chic
Pants- Farmers


White out!


So today I challenged myself to wear the Asos dress I got in a sale a month ago. I have worn it once before but with leggings and red accessories and well I ended up spilling tomato and chocolate on it in the same day. I am just not responsible enough for white clothing it seems. Luckily remembering mums trick of sards wonder soap I went and got some for only 3$ at the supermarket and I totally recommend it. At my brothers wedding years ago I wore a black and white dress and someone spilt an entire glass of red wine on it but there was some sard soap on hand and miraculously it all came out! 

Anyway back to the dress, today I felt I should steer clear of red and change it up a little for spring time. Pink is the colour of the day seeing as I had already painted my nails recently. Also I am being rather brave and wearing this dress with no leggings.

Disclaimer : Please be careful when viewing the photos as my white white legs may blind you. 

My boyfriend takes my photos for me and today he commented that I would never make it very far in  the top model tv series because quote, "you only have one pose". So here is me trying to make up some new poses..I think I have to agree with him on this one. 

 Dress- Asos Curve
Belt- City Chic
Broach- Diva
Nail polish- City Chic
Cardigan- Torrid
Shoes- Torrid
Hair bow- gifted

It is meant to rain this afternoon and the wind is already starting to pick up so I have teamed this cute cardi with the dress. I have had this cardi for about three years and I think this is the first actual time I have worn it. I do love the print it is very fun and colourful. 

Well I am off to hopefully do some fun saturday things now.
Have a great weekend everyone


Aussie Curves- Knit Affair

I have been following the Aussie Curves blog long before I made my own . I'm not very tech savvy so it has taken me this long to actually figure out how to join the blog hop. So here is my first post featuring one of my favorite cardigans by City Chic.  I do not own a lot of white but I found this gem at the boxing day sales in 2011 and snatched it up even though it is a couple of sizes too big it works well with big poofy dresses like the one I am wearing here.

The dress I am wearing here is the first dress I made ever. For my 22nd birthday my  lovely boyfriend bought me my very own sewing machine and I just love these kinds of dresses. I wear this dress all the time and always team it with all things red.

Cardigan- City Chic
Dress- Home made
Belt- City Chic
Shoes- Torrid
Broach- Diva


Crafty Monday

I'm only a beginner sewer and to be honest I'm really scared of following patterns and so I steer clear of them if possible. I do however love fabric shopping and have got a little pile stored away for when I have some spare time to sew something. I didn't really have spare time today as I should have been studying but I haven't sewn anything for quite some time and I was just itching to use some of the gorgeous fabric I saved up!

When I buy fabric I never quite know what I will use it for. I had 3 meters of this gorgeous blue dot fabric that was on sale for 3$ a meter yey.

I often google or youtube simple easy sewing projects and one that I have been wanting to try for a while is a box pleated skirt. So that is what I have done, I was quite surprised how much material it took for a skirt, but being a box pleat you have to times your waist length by three to allow enough fabric for the pleats. 

Im rather pleased with how it turned out. It is not completely finished as I have just sewed a normal band around the top and need to add a zip when I go and buy one, it is slightly loose hence the belt. I have enough material left over if I feel like making a top for it or turning it into a dress. This defiantly feels like a spring skirt and I love the colour. 

I was feeling quite fun in this skirt..

Top-Basque from Meyers
Skirt- Home made
Belt- City Chic
Stockings- City chic
Shoes- Torrid
Flower broach- Diva