Move on over!

I am moving!

For the past week I have been busy packing up my current flat in preparation for the big move! I am happy to announce I am shifting house this weekend and am so excited about! Fingers crossed that the Wellington weather holds up! Forecast is good but Wellington is one of those places that can change with a click of your fingers! One of the major things I have missed was having a bathtub for luxurious bubble baths after a long hard day! For added bonus our new place has a sunny upstairs lounge/kitchen with a decent sized balcony that gets plenty of sun! Move on over Winter, Summer here I come!

I am defiantly chuffed with my new kitchen too! I find with flatting it is often hard to get a good quality oven that has a 'fan bake' setting and to my amazement I finally have one!

Thats all from me for the week!


Flirty Friday!

After a long boring morning of nearly falling asleep in lectures I remembered that today was the last day of a VIP sale at one of my favorite stores, City Chic!

What better way to start a weekend than to shop! The sale was 20% off everything or 30% when you purchase a bra. Two months ago I started my weightless journey. I have lost 9.5 kg already and all my jeans have become baggy baggy baggy! So of course I couldn't resist the chance to get a new pair of jeans at a good price!

Walked out with much more than jeans :)

In fact I walked out with, a new bra, new jeans, stockings and a lovely basic black puff sleeve top. The best part is that I went down a size everything! In the jeans I went down two sizes! 

Summer is coming up and I have had my eye on this swimsuit for a while now! So of course I chucked that on lay buy! Im so excited to finally own a really nice one piece swimsuit that has a supportive unerwire style! The girls look so good in this swimsuit! Just another reason to look forward to summer!

Todays shopping was all about the basics of a good wardrobe, I find that I often have a top i want to wear but not a skirt or jeans to match it and vice versa. Because I am getting rid of a lot of my old clothes that no longer fit I feel it is important to build up all the essentials and basics again. I cannot go to crazy though as I have a few more kilos to loose until I reach my desired goal, but I am going strong and am feeling good so I needed a little reward!

Here is a quick picture of me in my new top! I am hoping to get some proper full body shots in  the weekend if my boyfriend will be so kind as to help me! 

My necklace is from Swarovski and I absolutely love teaming it with black clothes and a bit of red lippy!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Where did I get that from?

City Chic outfit

Being a lady with curves can hinder my clothes shopping more often than is ideal. Being In New Zealand I rely heavily on online shopping. My first go to place for walk in stores however is, City Chic. Lucky for me there is a store in my city not too far from where I live. If I am after sale stuff I tend to wait until there is a free shipping promo and order from their online store!

New Zealand does offer other plus sized stores but most of them cater for a more mature range of women such as, TS 14+, Katie’s and Millers. Other plus size boutiques are a little out of my budget range being a student and all, but one da I plan to shop up large and get my hands on those one of a kind hand sewn beauties!
City Chic pick-nic!

When shopping online I am always mindful of shipping costs and sizing, my latest favourite place to buy is ASOS curve. I just found out about ASOS last month and purchased a lovely dress and top and am extremely happy with the fit and the quick shipping time, but overall the cost was perfect and FREE SHIPPING! What I love about online communities these days is other customers often tag themselves in particular brands, ASOS curve is great for this, their Facebook page has a lot of their customers wearing their clothes in all shapes and sizes! It’s a great way to imagine how something will fit on different body types!

Favorite Torrid shoes!
Torrid.com is another website I have bought from many times over the past seven years! They have great styles of clothing and awesome sales! A bonus for being in opposite seasons to the USA is that all the clothes go on sale at a perfect time for me to get a bargain! The only downside is hefty shipping costs, so I only buy when a couple of times a year.

BIG FEET! Being a 6ft 1” ‘Glamourzon’ has its downsides.. Shoes are something I struggle with every season. Most stores stock up to a size 10-11. However I am a size 12. I should count myself lucky they are no longer though as I know people who have an even harder time with shoes than myself.  Yes I can find shoes that fit, but they come at a cost. My top picks this year for good quality shoes has been the Dianna Ferrari range! On a recent trip to Brisbane, I found two pairs of cute ballet flats for $40- 50 each on sale! If you are after cheap pair of fashionable shoes try Torrid.com they have a lot of different styles and great sales as-well!

Another website, which stocks all sizes, styles, and a variety of brands is Endless.com they have great shipping rates and fantastic range! Some of my favourite brands from that site are, Blowfish and Barefoot Tess.
My favorite CC skirt that I wore out to brunch recently!

Hopefully this has given you a few tips and an insight into my fashion picks this year. I’m always happy to hear feed back or answer questions!


For the love of food..

For the past two months I have been concentrating on healthy eating and plenty of exercise to improve my lifestyle and general health. The hardest part of it is all the meal planning for each week and I have just ended up repeating certain meals over and over, such as, baked fish with steamed vegetables. 

So..The new plan is that once a week instead of going to a restaurant like we usually would, my boyfriend and I are going to cook a big feast together! These meals do not have to follow any dietary guidelines they are my once a week cheat meal and my reward for being good each week and a chance to spend quality time with my boyfriend. Our first feast we found in the '30 Minute Cook' book by Jamie Oliver. We mixed up the different recipes and came up with this..

Broccoli orecchiette pasta with crispy chicken thighs, with orange chocolate ganache!

It was a very simple dinner to prepare and the chicken thighs were glazed in honey and finished with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds! 

The pasta had a sauce made out of capers, anchovies, parmesan, extra virgin  olive oil and blended broccoli stalks! 

What I love about Jamie's recipes is that they
use  every part of the vegetable or product!
No waste is great!

The desert was so simple and delicious, however very naughty for someone on a diet!! Full cream ,70% cocoa chocolate, butter and orange zest. Devine! I used these sweet little espresso cups handed down to me from my Grandma. I have a set of five of them with matching saucers. My Grandma said she got them for her 21st birthday and I was given them around my own 21st so the feel rather special to me!

Fantastic dinner, I can't wait until next week! But what should we cook this time? Do you have a favorite date night recipe that you would like to share?


This makes me smile!

Tequila Sunrise!

Lets start with my favorite alcholic beverage! Sunny days with a Tequila Sunrise in hand defiantly make me smile!
Easy to make yourself, all you need is:

- Tequila
- Organe Juice
- Grenadine
- Cocktail Shaker
- Ice

I'm sure there are more fancy ways to do this drink but I like to keep things as simple as possible!

This is my cat Tilly!
She lives at my mums now, and is always my highlight of visiting home. 
She behaves like a complete snob but somehow still wins me over!

Experimenting with my new sewing machine is one of my new favorite hobbies!
This is a dress I made at the start of the year, I feel it has a Snow White look to it!


Like the above photo? Here is another dress I made!
This is the first thing I ever sewed, after playing around with scrunchies and tote bags! 
I love using red in accessorising! This dress also works well with my pearl necklace!


I was lucky enough to live over seas for a year in 2009! I absolutely love Canada! I have so many fond memories and great friends from there. 
I love snow! I love warm winter clothes!
Here I am wearing my scarf and hat I made when I was 13. 
I still wear them every Winter!

Make Clothes, Not War!

For this post I want to show off my favorite cheap purchase!
I'll admit that when I first picked this dress up I was unsure if it would look any good on and if the colors and print were clashing with each other..
But I love polka dots and I love floral prints and with them on the same fabric I could have swooned.
I had to have it, even if I just cut up the fabric for another project. Yet when I tried it on with a belt it was a winner! MINE!

 I found this gem in a Hospice shop in my home town for 50 cents!!
I especially love telling people who compliment the dress that I got it for 50cents.

Here is a very derpy photo of me rocking my dress. 

Whats great about this dress apart from being a bargain is that it is homemade! Whats even better is that I loved the simple pattern so much I copied it and made a few dresses with slight alterations! 
I can't wait for summer so I can bust out this dress again!

Gingerbread men and lippy!

Hi beautiful!
I'm a 22 year young and my life long affair with fashion is in it's peak! Being recently inspired by so many other fashion bloggers for curvy ladies I thought I would have a go at it myself! 
For as long as I can remember clothes have been a huge part of my life, they make me feel good on the inside and out! 
I love, love, love anything red or polka dot!

Here is me, for my first post I want to show off my favorite lipstick at the moment, and a new favorite gingerbread man top I recently got from ASOS.
Thanks for reading, more posts to come! xx