As promised here is another outfit of the day post. This is from Tuesday and my remote for the camera had just arrived so I wanted to test it out. I need to work on it a little bit but for now I am happy. I feel like every time I wear something red in Decemeber I am being all christmasy but actually I just have an obsession with red and it just happens to be Dec.

This dress is from Asos Curve that I got on sale and its so cute and red hehe. I usually pair it with black accessories but actually I think the red works a lot better. Red belt is from City Chic as is the jacket. Shoes I picked up on special at number one shoe warehouse for $14.99 in the mens section. I have size 12 feet so can never buy off the shelf shoes unless they are mens or from a specially shoe store. 

You may not have noticed but today I tried out something different with my hair. I love vintage hair styles but with my curly hair they are quite difficult to pull off or even know where to begin. I usually just straighten my fringe under so it curls in a cute fringe but it never lasts and if I sweat I have no hope.  I made a rat role out of a hair donut you can use for a top bun. By cutting it in half you are able keep the cylindrical shape and use it to wind your hair around and pin in place. No straightening required! I need a bit more practice but am happy with it so far. 

Dress - Asos Curve
Jacket/belt - City Chic
Necklace - Tigerlily
Shoes - Number 1 shoe warehouse

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment as I love feed back and meeting new people. xo