Mini Break - homeward bound

The wind is howling and the rain is pouring today. I have finished my daily chores and have gotten some baking out of the way so this feels like the perfect time to deliver my 3rd and final post about my mini break anniversary weekend to Wanaka. I believe last time we left off on saturday night with going out to a fancy dinner so right now I will wrap this up with the Sunday and Monday summary.

We started Sunday with a quick bike ride around part of the lake. Unfortunatly we just used the hotel bikes and they were pretty bad. My tires were flat and we both struggled to fit our big heads in the helmets provided and to add to that the wind had picked up and so we didn't go too far.

For lunch we decided on a  picnic and drove an hour out to the blue pools which is where a mountain stream meets ups ith a large river and because of the fresh water from snow melting the water is an amazing blue colour. It started raining a little while we were there and we ended up picnicking in our hire car and avoiding the dreaded sand flies. I don't know why but they love my blood. Wherever I go I always get bit and always react badly whereas my boyfriend is left alone completely. 

That night we had dinner at The Cow Shed, a cool barn turned into a pizza and spaghetti resteraunt and then we headed to the local cinema, Paradiso Cinema, to watch the new Bond film, Skyfall. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos in there but it was such a cute and perfect place to see a film! The cinema is in a building that used to eva  church and instead of your usually cinema chairs there were many comfy couches and arm chairs and even an old morris minor with bus seats in it. the best part though was intermission where everyone goes into the lobby and buys freshly baked cookies! They were huge and delicious and I wish I could have a movie experience like that every time I went to the cinema. Here is me saying good bye to Wanaka.

Monday meant that it was time to head home but we had all day to explore our way back to Queenstown. We drove the crown range road again and stopped off at Arrowtown, a small gold mining town that saw some of the first chinese immigrants into the country. The whole area is very cute and streets are lined with cottage homes and some of the original houses for the chinese minors still remain  intact.  

The town is so cute, I would have loved to see inside some of the places but we were only passing through. I found some more wildflowers and had to have one last photo with them.

Here is an example of the little huts the Chinese minors lived in. What do you think? Should Andrew and I put in an offer for our first home? They are so tiny I could hardly stand up in them. Below is a quick snap of Queenstown as we made our way back to the airport and home. 

The view from the plane was breathtaking all the way. Amazing mountain peaks. I cannot wait to go back to visit this region again but int he meantime I do like being home.

Thanks for taking a look at my holiday snaps, it was fun sharing them and I hope it makes you want to come to New Zealand as it is a beautiful place.