Happy Hour - The Pimm's Original

Welcome to 'Happy Hour'

It has been a long weekend of moving house and it is time sleek this I wish we had a spa pool. The next best thing is a good cocktail! Andrew and I often relax on the weekend or any night of the week for that matter with a good Gin and Tonic or bottle of beer. Tonight we tried something a little different and greatly enjoyed it so decided I would share and possible make this a weekly post!

Last time I visited flew international I stocked up on Duty Free liquor and one of the items on my list was Pimm's which you may be familiar with through the show Board Walk empire which is all about prohibition in the 1930s in America. The show often shoes Pimms being drunk and smuggled and so we were interested in trying it for ourselves but never quite sure how it should be mixed.

We found this recipe online called:


You will need:
Pimm's no.1 Gin

Pour three caps of Pims Gin into each glass

Squeeze a few mint leaves to release the flavour and chuck into glasses

 A slice of lemon and cucumber for each drink will do

 Top glass up with your favourite lemonade

 Garnish with cucumber 

This drink is nice and fruity and very refreshing on a summers day, or you know after moving house!

I really like this idea of having happy hour at home every week and experimenting with new drinks so  I am thinking this will become a reoccurring thing.