Aussie Curves - Shorts

I am not a huge fan of shorts, I find them to be one of the hardest items of clothing to find that fit well and look good. These are the only shorts I have that fit right now but to be honest I never wear them. I got them out of storage incase I wanted to take them on holiday with me but I'm not sure I will. Enough whinging because hey Aussie Curves is all about pushing your own limits and this week is doing that for me. I have tried to make this a nice summer casual look with lots of colour.

Shorts - Torrid
Top - Cannot remember
Cardigan - Torrid
Shoes - Torrid

I did this post up a month in advance because I'm on HOLIDAY so I do apologize if I do not get to reply to comments as I usually like to! Do you need some inspiration when it comes to shorts? Check out these lovely ladies!