Aussie Curves- Orange

Knock knock
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad Aussie Curves is doing an orange theme!

Please excuse the bad joke but I could not resist. Truth be told orange has never really featured in my wardrobe, I tend to stick to colours like red, blue and black. Knowing the orange challenge was fast approaching I spotted a few orange things in my latest impromptu shopping expedition. I have not entered a Glassons store since I was about fifteen on the account of their sizing and generic clothing lines. I was drawn in on this occasion but heir cardigan table and thought I needed a new one so why not try it out at $25 a pop. They only go up to a size 16 which I am not but I tried anyway in light of my recent weight loss and surprisingly they fitted me just enough to be okay. Super stretchy and with tons of colour options I felt brave and ventured further into the store to the sale racks where I found this amazingly cute orange spotted cardigan. I grabbed it and left happy to have something to use in Aussie Curves orange challenge. November 17th saw me sporting the cardigan out for the first time with a causal jeans and t-shirt outfit both by City Chic. On the way back to the car I spotted this orange wall and quickly started posing for my boyfriend to photograph me hehe. So here for you I present my orange outfit complete with orange wall and construction signage!

Further up the road I spotted some dismantled road works signage and got a bit silly. If it is orange it works right? Hmm..

Cardigan - Glasson
Top - City Chic
Jeans - City chic
Broach - Cant remember
Shoes - Torrid

Have you embraced orange into your wardrobe yet? If not maybe these lovely ladies will inspire you to!