Aussie Curves - Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns can seem frightening for some but I was quite excited about this challenge and already had a few outfits planned out in my head. The one I ended up wearing hadn't even occurred to me but when I put on this dress I decided to try it with my floral cardigan and was pleasantly surprised with the pattern combo and to add to it I matched up my patterned hand bag that has been a favourite for the past two years. I feel like this outfit is pulled together rather well with the colours being repeated in each piece, the blue in the cardi ties in with the dress and earrings, and the handbags purple with the purple in the cardi. Using reoccuring colours to help mix patterns can work really well!

To bring out the white in this dress I have teamed the outfit with my white broach and new white shoes from The Warehouse that were only $6 from the mens section last weekend. 

I feel like this cardigan was made for this outfit, I never really wear it and now I want to wear it all the time. I love the colours in it and although it is a bit baggy on its so cute and casual. 

I am sporting my favourite new lipstick called Flamingo by Australis again and have decided that this summer my wardrobe is going to revolve around the colours pink, blue and aqua! 

I also want to point out my 'easy breezy shorts' that I am wearing under the dress as they make this outfit bearable for me being such a short dress. I can bend over and have no shame as well as being able to shop until I drop and walk around in windy Wellington in comfort and style. 

The great thing about mixing patterns is that you are able to get more wear out of certain pieces. One of my favourite ways to mix patterns is floral and polka dot.

Dress- Asos Curve
Cardi - Torrid
Shoes - The Warehouse
Belt - City Chic
Bag - Loungefly 
Broach - Diva
Shorts - Virtue/TS14+