Mini Break - Part 2

Tomorrow we are moving house so I am taking a quick break from packing boxes  to write a wee post about part 2 of our mini break to Wanaka.

Saturday was a pretty awesome day, we got up early and explored town. I was even talked into climbing a massive hill named Mt Iron. One hour of uphill walking for an amazing view of lakes mountains and towns and it was well worth it. I have to admit to you right now that a year ago I would have said no way I don't want to walk on my holiday. Since becoming more active and shedding a few kilos I feel so much more energized and excited about exercising and realized I have missed out on a lot in life by not pushing myself. 

So I give you a sweaty but triumphant picture of me on top of this hill! (picture below) I felt great and it was a stunning view!

We hadn't really planned to do any big walks so I was just wearing a tank top and some 3/4 pants and town shoes but next time we go away I will defiantly be packing more supportive footwear and active clothing. This was the hill I climbed to the right. 

How gorgeous is this view serisouly! I love it so much. Wanaka was a beautiful place. I am glad Andrew took me here rather than staying in Queenstown as it is less touristy and felt more special.

This was taken after arriving in Queenstown
The following two pictures are of me on the Crown Range road from Queenstown to Wanaka. We have so many stunning photos it is tough to choose what to share sorry if they feel a little repetitive.

 Cardi - The warehouse
Scarf - Asos
Tank top - Ballayntines 
3/4 paints - Ballayntines
Shoes - Eco sneakers

The rest of the day was spent sight seeing and then out for a fancy dinner looking out at the mountains. No photos of dinner but here is a quick snap of the outfit I wore.

Jacket - City Chic
Dress - Asos
Shoes - Torrid
Pearls - Gift

It was a fantastic day and I look forward to sharing some more photos with you soon!