Weekly update

It feels like ages since I have done a post not related to Aussie Curves so It bought I would quickly turn one out and give you a little update of whats been happening around here.

Im finished uni, exams are done for the year. Ive already picked out next years papers and am so excited for them! Other than that we have finally found a new place to move into! The idea of moving is a dreadful one but I think we have found an even better place than where we are now. It has a larger outside area, even has grass! But what I am most excited about is the kitchen is bigger and the bedrooms are bigger but most importantly the wardrobes are HUGE! Ive already mentally unpacked all my pretties and we are not even moved in yet. Watch this space for wardrobe organizing tips as I am sure I will have some soon. Ive already planned the second bedrooms wardrobes are going to house all my sewing and craft things I am so excited to have places to put things. 

Other than that I have been filling in my days with going to the gym and fighting off the urge to eat food all day which actually is harder than it sounds. I have also been planning a trip to Wanaka happening in a couple of weeks. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years so a nice long weekend far from home will sure to be lovely. Picnics walks and fancy dinners out here I come! The other massive thing I have been sorting is our big trip to Vietnam at the end of December. Super excited and we will be spending Christmas in Melbourne so I cannot wait to visit all my old hangouts when I lived there. 

Did anyone notice my new banner? If you have an iPad I recommend the app Artrage. Its super easy to use and I am having so much fun tracing photos haha.

Here are some piccys from the last week.

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