Aussie Curves- Strapless

For a lot of plus sized women the word strapless can be pretty terrifying. It may not be so bad if your chest is on the small side but speaking for myself (and my large chest) strapless bras are awful to wear! I am not even wearing a strapless bra here just my regular black one. I have tucked in the straps so as soon as I put on a card etc I can have full support again.  In recent years I have just given up on going strapless and stopped buying strapless dresses/tops. I do however own a few from way back but I never wear them as strapless until today..

I often accessorise strapless dresses with boleros/cardigans or even tshirts. One of the nuisances of a strapless dress is the fit needs to be perfect so it will stay up. This dress I am wearing here is slightly too big on the top for me and to fix this I always wear a large belt with it as it gives it that extra support and keeps the dress where it is meant to be.

I wanted to include this silly snapshot because look at them muscles! If you didn't already know I am on a mission to fight off my own fab flab and my arms have defiantly become firmer as a result of this so far. Just a little bit proud here. 

Often I wear a plain black bra with my strapless dress as this helps support the girls and add to my over all comfort. However this doesn't always look the best when seen. If all else fails I usually just sew some quick straps on my dresses and tops. This dress I often wear with a plain black tshirt underneath which give me sleeves and hide my back yey.

It is a bit cold for strapless right now so here is how I styled it for the evening. Also I wore the black accessories to tie into the dresses main colour as to not clash with the print. Wearing a bulky necklace makes me feel a lot more confident in a strapless top as it breaks up all that naked skin! The flower broach helps this aswell.

 Dress - City Chic
Belt - Virtue/TS14+
Jacket - City Chic
Necklace - Pagani
Broach - Can't remember
Shoes - Torrid

I do love this dress! I just decided I will take it to Vietnam with me to be copied in some other fabric, which pattern do you think would suit it? More florals?

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