Aussie Curves- Pastels

This weeks challenge for Aussie Curves is Pastels. When I think pastel I usually think art supplies. To be honest I felt a little stumped at what should I wear but with a bit of digging in the wardrobe I found several things that matched the theme. I have put of taking the pictures for a few days now as the weather here has been a bit windy/rainy and just miserable. Tonight the wind and rain let up long enough for me to get a few snaps in, yey! Because it is chilly here I didn't want to be wearing a Summer/Spring outfit so i have paired this outfit with lots of black to tie into the button detail on the front of the dress with splashes of pastels in my accessories. 

Dress- City Chic 
Cardigan- Cant remember
Necklace - Gifted
Hair clip and earrings - Gifted
Stockings - City Chic  
Shoes - Torrid

I do not wear a lot of pink, red is usually my colour of choice. This dress I had bought a couple of years ago from trade me (second hand City Chic) specifically to wear to the Napier Art Deco week as part of a costume but at the time it didn't quite fit and I have never worn it, until today! It feels so good to fit into clothes again. Here comes the boasting!! Since July I have lost nearly 15kgs and the other day I did a measure of all my bits and my bum is a whole 15cm less! I feel extra pretty in this dress because of these achievements! 

I also want to share a cheap place to get your hands on some pastels if your interested. I ran into The Warehouse today and pastels were everywhere. Their plus sized range is always affordable and usually I associate it with being a bit nanna or mumsie for me but today I noticed they have lots of nice flattering cut basic tees and singlets in all shades of pastels starting at only $7. They also had a good collection of white capris and cute bolero shrug cardigans in a range of colours.

If your feeling inspired by this weeks challenge then keep it going and check out these other lovely ladies pastel posts!