Aussie Curves- Dark

Dark clothing usually consists of black black and black. Well here is some black with a little red, I give to you my 'dark' outfit inspired by a new T-shirt my boyfriend got me from Threadless. I love this top so much because who doesn't like the Mona Lisa dressed up like a rocker. I am wearing a mens size 2X T-shirt  here as the girls sizing is quite small on the website. I was pleasantly surprised with how long the T-shirt is and so far it has not shrunk in the wash. However because it is a male styled shape the sleeves are quite unflattering and help to make me look quite squarish. 

Before this post I have just been rolling up the sleeves and tucking them under my bra strap but they always come undone so when looking for a safety pin to hold them in place I came across some ribbon in my sewing box and yey it is red. Two quick little bows tied around arm hoel and neck gather up the sleeves nicely and even help the neckline feel a little more modern. 

With this top I am wearing my favourite Torrid 3/4 jeans by Source of wisdom from about 3 years ago. I have tried to make my look feel a little more casual and edgier than my usual outfit posts as the whole dark theme made me think of gothic or punk look. I could easily have worn one of my favourite black dresses or jeans but this seems like a lot more fun and puts a twist on my dark side.
I really wanted a more casual outfit today and I guess if i took off the lipstick hair flower I would have succeeded but I cannot stay away from red accessories. 

T-shirt - Threadless
Jeans - Torrid
Shoes - Torrid
Flower hair broach - Can't remember.

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