White out!


So today I challenged myself to wear the Asos dress I got in a sale a month ago. I have worn it once before but with leggings and red accessories and well I ended up spilling tomato and chocolate on it in the same day. I am just not responsible enough for white clothing it seems. Luckily remembering mums trick of sards wonder soap I went and got some for only 3$ at the supermarket and I totally recommend it. At my brothers wedding years ago I wore a black and white dress and someone spilt an entire glass of red wine on it but there was some sard soap on hand and miraculously it all came out! 

Anyway back to the dress, today I felt I should steer clear of red and change it up a little for spring time. Pink is the colour of the day seeing as I had already painted my nails recently. Also I am being rather brave and wearing this dress with no leggings.

Disclaimer : Please be careful when viewing the photos as my white white legs may blind you. 

My boyfriend takes my photos for me and today he commented that I would never make it very far in  the top model tv series because quote, "you only have one pose". So here is me trying to make up some new poses..I think I have to agree with him on this one. 

 Dress- Asos Curve
Belt- City Chic
Broach- Diva
Nail polish- City Chic
Cardigan- Torrid
Shoes- Torrid
Hair bow- gifted

It is meant to rain this afternoon and the wind is already starting to pick up so I have teamed this cute cardi with the dress. I have had this cardi for about three years and I think this is the first actual time I have worn it. I do love the print it is very fun and colourful. 

Well I am off to hopefully do some fun saturday things now.
Have a great weekend everyone