Weekend Dreams

First weekend in the new house and neighborhood was defiantly a pleasant one! 

Saturday bought the sun and as much as I love to sleep in the new house gets a whole lot of morning sunlight and its fabulous to wake up to! If there is ever a time for a unhealthy albeit delicious breakfast it is in the weekend for sure! To my delight just one block away is a cute French patiesseri, Simply Paris Even closer to home is a cute practical vege market! The weekends are going to be that much better now with all these great eateries and produce on our footstep! There is even a great walking/cycling track on the hill behind the house!

Cardigan- Farmers
Top- City Chic
Skirt/Belt- City Chic
Leggings- The Warehouse
Shoes- Torrid

From the fresh tomatoes and baby carrots came inspiration to the next installments of a fancy dinner at home for two. Parsnip and potato mash, Roasted baby carrots, roasted truss tomatos and steak fillet stuffed with spinach, danish feta and sun-dried tomato!

I also made a Vanilla bean greek yogurt panna cotta for desert, but that got eaten before i even had a chance to snap a photo! Tasted that good!

Does anyone have any favorite recipes they would like to share?