Taking a moment..

It has been one of those weeks where I just need to take a moment each day and smell the roses or in this case some pretty flowers. Clearing the head and getting out the house makes all the difference lately. Not only is it exam week for me but after only one month since we last moved house we are again searching for a new place. Long story short our landlords have sold the complex we live in and we need to get out before our big overseas adventure to Vietnam. Whenever I think about moving I think I could cry, I hate moving so much. Im very much a nester, I love unpacking and making somewhere home. Usually I set everything up to look pretty while my boyfriend sets up the TV hehe. In the last four years I have lived in three different countries and moved house a whopping ten times! 

After finding out we had to move again I went a bit agro and swore a lot for the first few days now I've settled back into the routine of calling rental properties all day and forever browsing the internet. It is going to be hard to settle for anything less that what we are in now. Time to clear the head and smell the flowers, think of  the positives and keep calm. 

What do you all do to clear your head and get back into a good space?