Sweet Sundays

Weekends for me means food craving satisfaction after a week of trying to eat healthy. This morning I was craving some banana bread but had no eggs or butter. A quick google search gave me this delicious recipe and I got on with it. No egg No butter Banana loaf I switched out the almonds for shredded coconut and the end result was delicious. I love the smell of banana loaf baking it fills the whole apartment with such a homely scent. 

I definitely recommend this recipe as the bread came out nice and moist and tastes great! I've been fighting my boyfriend off it all morning! 

Saturdays weather was just awful and it rained all day and in true Wellington style the wind blew it everywhere. None the less we were on the hunt for a three piece cafe style chair and table set for our balcony and we succeeded. Now if only the sun would come out and the wind would die down we could use it!

Briscoe's sales are the best. I don't think I've ever paid full price for anything there!

Cardi- City Chic
Dress- Asos Curve
Slippers- Gifted
As soon as the rain let up for a moment I jumped out there for a quick photo for todays post. I am rocking my sparkly bling slippers today.

Now I'm off to gobble up some noms and have a relaxing afternoon. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!