Today is such a lovely sunny day I just had to wear something that would reflect my happiness. Even though today is just a Uni day, lots of sitting in big lecture theaters and sitting in the sun in between classes I wanted something fun to wear. My first ever Asos Curve purchase was this Gingerbread man smock and yey it is finally getting some more wear. 

 I always ry and make my outfits as comfortable as possible. Who wants to wear tight suck in undies all day or be down short tops etc.. Also my main mode of transport is my trusty Piaggo Zip scooter! This means short dresses must be worn with tights and usually I need to be able to put my lovely waterproof gear over top. One thing I hate about my scooter is wearing a helmet! It is forever messing up my curls and giving me super frizz on top. On sunny days though its so much fun zipping through traffic running errands.

Top- Asos Curve
3/4 Jeans- Torrid
Shoes- Torrid
Bag- Gifted 
It doesn't matter what my outfit is I always seem to sneak a bit of red in there somewhere.
Keep a look out for my next post coming soon featuring some really lovely Jewelry!