On fashion trends

'Trend' is not a word I use often in my vocabulary. I have to announce that most fashion trends I feel are a heinous crime against good taste. I am a firm believer in wearing clothes that suit your  personality and that make you feel good. That is my personal opinion anyway. For example this summer in Australia and New Zealand pastels and neons are back on trend. It feels like every year they try and come up with a new trend but really it is just getting repetitive. 

This is fine if you suit these tones and colors but for me, its a huge no unless I want to end up in a morgue because the pastel lavender 'it' dress of the season made me resemble a corpse.  I just cannot pull of these kinds of tones, my skin is too pale and fair. I love the color lavender and I love pastel pink I just can't wear them.

My style revolves around a more retro look, mixed up with modern cuts and of course anything red. For as long as I can remember I have drooled over outfits of the 40s and 50s. Pencil skirts and pouffy dresses with amazing floral and polka dot prints are defiantly my kind of thing. The great thing about this style is that you can wear it all year round. I find that the retro inspired dresses I own work all year long when matched with different cardigans or stockings and boots. 

Have you ever sent the show Mad Men? I absolutely love everything that Betty Draper wears on screen. Amazeballs! These kinds of dresses are so classic and flirty. 

At home I have a lovely little sewing machine waiting for me to use it more often. This coming summer I should have a lot more spare time once uni is done for the year. I plan on learning some new skills and  even trying out 50s inspired pattern which I have longed to do for ever. Im a very beginner sewer, I haven't much knowledge of how different materials work and I defiantly need to work on my straight lines but I cannot wait to attempt a dress such as the one above. 

Thats enough of me for today