My wardrobe tips and tricks!

In this post I will share six of my tips and tricks to keeping my wardrobe fresh and wearer friendly.

Tip 1: 

Don't throw out last seasons pieces!
Have you noticed that styles seem to repeat, each autumn purple and navy are in. Each spring, pastels make a reappearance. Don't throw out your old clothes, if they still fit or you like them simply keep them. However if you don't think you will wear an item again how about donating them to your local charity shop. Also invest in timeless pieces, such as a nice floral dress will never go out of fashion or a nice pair of jeans. 

Tip 2 :

If your like me and don't want to or can't afford to spend a lot of money on clothes why not try selling them online. I'd say 90% of the money I spend on clothes these days is from reselling the items I no longer fit or like. I use Trademe.co.nz it is easy to use and they only take a small fee for each sell. There are other places you can do this though, Facebook for example has City Chic buy and sell pages as does Asos. If you are overseas look into websites such as Gumtree, Ebay or even Craigslist or you may know of others.

Tip 3:

Have you lost weight recently or have your clothes stretched?
Embrace belts! This seems like an obvious one but when chatting with friends and other people losing weight they often overlook the simplicity of wearing a belt with their favorite dress that is now too big. Not only does it freshen up your look and help the dress fit but you also show off your new or refined curves!

Tip 4: 

Have a regular wardrobe clean out. De-clutter that space. For me this has been easy lately as I keep moving house and each time I try tog et rid of as many things as possible. It is actually really satisfying and a lot of the time you come across clothes you forgot about and might even be back in fashion. How about storing winter clothing in a plastic container to keep them fresh and organized.

Tip 5:

Forget about trends! Dress for yourself, dress for your body, and dress for comfort!
You won't be happy in your clothes if you don't feel confident in them. If you don't feel that skinny jeans don't suit your figure simply don't buy them. You don't have to conform to latest trends or styles.

Tip 6:

My Final tip for the day is if you like a good bargain try shopping online. If you live in NZ or AUS try shopping at websites like Torrid, Threadless, Evans, Asos and many more as they are in the northern hemisphere there seasons are opposite! Meaning right now all their summer stuff is on sale just in time for our summer to begin!

Just today I found this dress while reorganizing my drawers!

Do you have any special tips and tricks you want to share? Leave a comment I'd love to know what you do to save money and make yourself feel good!