Jewelry review

I'm a sucker for all things pretty and if you are too I highly recommend checking out these lovely creations from Tigerlily. All jewelry is hand made and one of a kind, making each piece uniquely gorgeous and special. This week I received these goodies in the mail and I am in love. The earrings go with so many outfits I have and the necklace is just too cute for words. 

The color of these go perfectly with my new dress from Asos Curve. I think I am going to try and make this my new color for summer. Lets see if I can separate myself from red a little bit. 

I am also loving this necklace with my other new picnic print dress from Asos Curve. The print is just spot on for the cherry look and I can't wait to get out in it this coming summer.

I wore this necklace to Uni yesterday and had a couple of people comment on it. For a while I had stopped wearing jewelry, probably out of laziness and in winter things get stuck in my woolen scarves but I am defiantly going to invest in some more summer pieces to accessorise my outfits. 

There are so many different pieces from Tigerlily it is hard to choose but I think there is something on  there for everyone and different styles. The prices are great, the service is lovely and of course most importantly the jewelry is awesome. Take a look!