Huge delicious weekend!

The weekend is over and I think I must have the Monday blues. What a glorious weekend full of yummy food and wonderful family. Again we sampled some of the delicious pastries from the near by Patisserie. fresh Brioche, Pistachio chocolate pinwheel and Raspberry custard danish with fresh strawberries form the market. 

This past weekend I had my Mum and her partner visiting and I just loved being host in our new apartment. One thing I love about having extra people around is all the extra yummies you get to taste. The diet was put to the side this weekend and instead replaced by hot chocolates, malaysian restaurants, home cooked meals and Sunday Yum-Cha sessions. 

Here is what I cooked for dinner : 
Another trial recipe from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute meals:
Killer jerk chicken, with crunchy salad and black bean rice. The whole thing was so easy to prepare and make, I especially liked the recipe used for the rice - Chicken stock and black beans with a cinnamon stick - delicious. Next time I will defiantly use more chili in the jerk sauce as I do love a bit of spice. This meal was fantastic peered with one of my favorite beers, Mac's Sassy Red. The only thing missing from the recipe is the corn (out of season) but it was plenty of food anyway.