Crafty Monday

I'm only a beginner sewer and to be honest I'm really scared of following patterns and so I steer clear of them if possible. I do however love fabric shopping and have got a little pile stored away for when I have some spare time to sew something. I didn't really have spare time today as I should have been studying but I haven't sewn anything for quite some time and I was just itching to use some of the gorgeous fabric I saved up!

When I buy fabric I never quite know what I will use it for. I had 3 meters of this gorgeous blue dot fabric that was on sale for 3$ a meter yey.

I often google or youtube simple easy sewing projects and one that I have been wanting to try for a while is a box pleated skirt. So that is what I have done, I was quite surprised how much material it took for a skirt, but being a box pleat you have to times your waist length by three to allow enough fabric for the pleats. 

Im rather pleased with how it turned out. It is not completely finished as I have just sewed a normal band around the top and need to add a zip when I go and buy one, it is slightly loose hence the belt. I have enough material left over if I feel like making a top for it or turning it into a dress. This defiantly feels like a spring skirt and I love the colour. 

I was feeling quite fun in this skirt..

Top-Basque from Meyers
Skirt- Home made
Belt- City Chic
Stockings- City chic
Shoes- Torrid
Flower broach- Diva