Aussie Curves- Breaking the rules

I'm a little late to the game this week but finally have had some snap shots taken of my breaking the rules outfit! These rules are mostly my own but I guess most people don't wear their pajamas out of the house much.

My fashion rules are mostly about my personal preference on style and what suits my body, this week I challenged myself to wear something I would defiantly not usually wear out of the house but that I feel extremely comfy and relaxed in.  One other thing that I have bent trying to get over lately is wearing contacts, I have worn glasses since I was about five years old and I always feel ever so slightly naked without them especially in photos.

My Rules are:
1. Harem Pants
2. Top tucked into high waisted pants
3. Pajamas as pants
4. Contacts

So a few months ago I found these pants at farmers in a clearance sale and they were massive on me but they looked like they would make the perfect pajamas and lazying around the house pants so I bought them. Since then I have put elastic in the waist band to help fit me properly and now they are my go to comfy weekend pants and pajama pants. I've always really hated harem pants for some reason, maybe because i think they are unflattering on any figure especially mine but now I'm learning to love them!

I really like the look of tops tucked into high waisted jeans but always feel slightly uncomfortable when I do it myself as i feel my tummy is on show to everyone, in a skirt it is a lot more flattering for me.

Top- City Chic
Pants- Farmers