Where did I get that from?

City Chic outfit

Being a lady with curves can hinder my clothes shopping more often than is ideal. Being In New Zealand I rely heavily on online shopping. My first go to place for walk in stores however is, City Chic. Lucky for me there is a store in my city not too far from where I live. If I am after sale stuff I tend to wait until there is a free shipping promo and order from their online store!

New Zealand does offer other plus sized stores but most of them cater for a more mature range of women such as, TS 14+, Katie’s and Millers. Other plus size boutiques are a little out of my budget range being a student and all, but one da I plan to shop up large and get my hands on those one of a kind hand sewn beauties!
City Chic pick-nic!

When shopping online I am always mindful of shipping costs and sizing, my latest favourite place to buy is ASOS curve. I just found out about ASOS last month and purchased a lovely dress and top and am extremely happy with the fit and the quick shipping time, but overall the cost was perfect and FREE SHIPPING! What I love about online communities these days is other customers often tag themselves in particular brands, ASOS curve is great for this, their Facebook page has a lot of their customers wearing their clothes in all shapes and sizes! It’s a great way to imagine how something will fit on different body types!

Favorite Torrid shoes!
Torrid.com is another website I have bought from many times over the past seven years! They have great styles of clothing and awesome sales! A bonus for being in opposite seasons to the USA is that all the clothes go on sale at a perfect time for me to get a bargain! The only downside is hefty shipping costs, so I only buy when a couple of times a year.

BIG FEET! Being a 6ft 1” ‘Glamourzon’ has its downsides.. Shoes are something I struggle with every season. Most stores stock up to a size 10-11. However I am a size 12. I should count myself lucky they are no longer though as I know people who have an even harder time with shoes than myself.  Yes I can find shoes that fit, but they come at a cost. My top picks this year for good quality shoes has been the Dianna Ferrari range! On a recent trip to Brisbane, I found two pairs of cute ballet flats for $40- 50 each on sale! If you are after cheap pair of fashionable shoes try Torrid.com they have a lot of different styles and great sales as-well!

Another website, which stocks all sizes, styles, and a variety of brands is Endless.com they have great shipping rates and fantastic range! Some of my favourite brands from that site are, Blowfish and Barefoot Tess.
My favorite CC skirt that I wore out to brunch recently!

Hopefully this has given you a few tips and an insight into my fashion picks this year. I’m always happy to hear feed back or answer questions!