For the love of food..

For the past two months I have been concentrating on healthy eating and plenty of exercise to improve my lifestyle and general health. The hardest part of it is all the meal planning for each week and I have just ended up repeating certain meals over and over, such as, baked fish with steamed vegetables. 

So..The new plan is that once a week instead of going to a restaurant like we usually would, my boyfriend and I are going to cook a big feast together! These meals do not have to follow any dietary guidelines they are my once a week cheat meal and my reward for being good each week and a chance to spend quality time with my boyfriend. Our first feast we found in the '30 Minute Cook' book by Jamie Oliver. We mixed up the different recipes and came up with this..

Broccoli orecchiette pasta with crispy chicken thighs, with orange chocolate ganache!

It was a very simple dinner to prepare and the chicken thighs were glazed in honey and finished with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds! 

The pasta had a sauce made out of capers, anchovies, parmesan, extra virgin  olive oil and blended broccoli stalks! 

What I love about Jamie's recipes is that they
use  every part of the vegetable or product!
No waste is great!

The desert was so simple and delicious, however very naughty for someone on a diet!! Full cream ,70% cocoa chocolate, butter and orange zest. Devine! I used these sweet little espresso cups handed down to me from my Grandma. I have a set of five of them with matching saucers. My Grandma said she got them for her 21st birthday and I was given them around my own 21st so the feel rather special to me!

Fantastic dinner, I can't wait until next week! But what should we cook this time? Do you have a favorite date night recipe that you would like to share?