Flirty Friday!

After a long boring morning of nearly falling asleep in lectures I remembered that today was the last day of a VIP sale at one of my favorite stores, City Chic!

What better way to start a weekend than to shop! The sale was 20% off everything or 30% when you purchase a bra. Two months ago I started my weightless journey. I have lost 9.5 kg already and all my jeans have become baggy baggy baggy! So of course I couldn't resist the chance to get a new pair of jeans at a good price!

Walked out with much more than jeans :)

In fact I walked out with, a new bra, new jeans, stockings and a lovely basic black puff sleeve top. The best part is that I went down a size everything! In the jeans I went down two sizes! 

Summer is coming up and I have had my eye on this swimsuit for a while now! So of course I chucked that on lay buy! Im so excited to finally own a really nice one piece swimsuit that has a supportive unerwire style! The girls look so good in this swimsuit! Just another reason to look forward to summer!

Todays shopping was all about the basics of a good wardrobe, I find that I often have a top i want to wear but not a skirt or jeans to match it and vice versa. Because I am getting rid of a lot of my old clothes that no longer fit I feel it is important to build up all the essentials and basics again. I cannot go to crazy though as I have a few more kilos to loose until I reach my desired goal, but I am going strong and am feeling good so I needed a little reward!

Here is a quick picture of me in my new top! I am hoping to get some proper full body shots in  the weekend if my boyfriend will be so kind as to help me! 

My necklace is from Swarovski and I absolutely love teaming it with black clothes and a bit of red lippy!

Have a great weekend everyone!