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Hello to all my lovely readers!

I just wanted to thank you all for following me so far on my blog and that Flashion Affair is now moving to Wordpress and has an entire new fancy look and dedicated domain name. 

You can now find the blog at flashionaffair.com

Every single one of my posts has been transferred over to the new domain. I hope that you will enjoy the new lay out, bigger pictures, better commenting scheme and will keep following me.

Please bare with me as a few things still need updating but on the whole the new site functions quite well.



Aussie Curves - Animalistic

This weeks theme was not my favourite Animalistic.. Im not a huge fan of animal print clothing but do still own a couple of pieces  I really liked how some of the ladies have used this week to show off cute outfits with cats and dogs etc on them and wish I had something similar. I have settled on wearing my City Chic leopard print skirt I got on sale ages ago paired with a simply black top and ballet flats.

Here is an up close picture of the fabric. I think I will be wearing this in winter paired with boots and stockings!

Skirt - City Chic
Top - Virtu
Shoes - Diana Ferrari
Necklace - Pagani
Charm bracelet - Gifted

I know my blog has not been getting regular updates lately but there are good reasons behind it! Im hoping either this weekend or next week my lovely boyfriend will be finished making my new blog page! It will be through Wordpress and it has an amazing retro theme that we designed together! The layout will be much easier to read as well as pictures. I am so excited to share it with all of you lovely readers. Keep an eye out because I will also be throwing my first ever giveaway to celebrate the websites new launch! Now go check out all the other hot Aussie Curve ladies!


Aussie Curves - Black and White

Going through my wardrobe I had heaps to choose from for this weekes Aussie Curves theme. I settled on this polkadot dress paired with a cute cardi and black and white accessories. It was so hot when I took these photos I had very little patience for the camera/tripod/remote combo and gave up pretty quickly, hence the crappy pictures. 

I love how black and white go together and it's always very easy to style. I chose not to add any pops of my usual red today and went with a more monotone look which felt very feminine and retro. Did you notice how trimmed my little flax bushes are? We have only been at this house three months but the other day a gardener came and did all our weeding! Such a pleasant surprise we had no idea we got a gardner included in our rent.

I love this cute cardigan, I got it in the boxing day sales in 2011. I dont wear it that often as I am scared I will stain it but hopefully I will wear it a bit more this Autumn and Winter. The dress is a little bit special to me as it is the first dress I ever sewed. It is no where near perfect up close but it does get quite a bit of wear. I used my plastic beaded necklace as a bracelet and chucked on my ballet flats and hey presto, black and white theme done!

How do you wear black and white? Check out these other gorgeous ladies below!


Aussie Curves - Nature

This weekend it was my birthday, we headed to my families beach house for a couple of days and escaped the hustle of Wellington city. I love being near the water, especially the ocean. I grew up across the road from the beach and while I will always hold resentment towards sand I do love the fresh air and the wildness of New Zealand beaches. I didn't really have any great ideas for this weeks theme 'nature', but I did have my iphone on me when we took a walk down the beach so Andrew snapped up a few photos for me and hey presto here I am in nature wearing no make up, hair in a pony tail, no shoes and very short shorts. 

I wish I had thought to pack the camera but things don't always work out that way. On Saturday we went swimming, made a sand castle, walked up the river at low tide. It was fantastic being at the beach and I cannot wait to do it again soon. This has been one of the best summers I've seen in NZ since I was a kid. The weather has been fantastic and being on Uni holidays has been such a treat. My favourite parts of summer is cruising in the car to our destination listing to David Bowie, Queen and Blondie and singing our heads off. Occasionally I even indulge in my guilty pleasure and sing really loudly too 'Call me maybe'.

Bag - Nood
Jandals - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse
Top - The Warehouse
Shorts - City Chic

After a wee bit of thinking I have decided that this weeks nature theme to me is all about relaxing, no fussing, no stress and just taking a moment to listen to the waves rather than worry about what clothes to wear.

What does nature mean to you when it comes to fashion?


Fabulous February

I love February, it is probably my favourite month of the year mostly because my birthday is in February and who doesn't love presents and cake. It has been a while since I have done a blog post that wasn't about an outfit so this one is just an update on how I have been spending the last part of my summer break. We have been picnicking a lot! I found this old picnic basket at a op shop for $7 and my Mum got me picnic stuff for christmas last year. We have been going places like Wellington Botanical gardens and Kaitoke reserve as well as one night we had a dinner picnic at Waitangi park and watched an outdoor movie under the stars. 

Another thing I love about summer is all the fresh fruits, we head to our local farmers market every Saturday and stock up on fruits and vege. I made us pancakes with fresh fruit one morning. I love our new house we get such great morning sun in our little back garden.

Another thing we have been doing is experimenting a lot with Jamie Olivers 30/15 minute meal recipes. This was one of my favourites, camembert cigars, cranberry port dipping sauce and a fresh pomegranate salad. Would anyone here be interested in me reviewing some of the recipes for you? I love cooking.

 My other favourite was the lamb kofta, which I made with pork, they were soooo good with a chilli couscous and fresh salad.

 Well tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to spend the day eating lasagna and cake I think. I might chuck on a pretty outfit if I can be bothered too. We are going to a beach house for the weekend and I cannot wait to go swimming and have a lovely weekend away.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Aussie Curves - Swimwear

Swimwear is something a lot of us plus sized ladies have night mares about. I was quite nervous about this post as it is so very close to you seeing me only in my underwear, which if we knew each other and were in person would be no big deal for myself but here on the internet I am a little freaked out to be quite honest. As a way of facing this head on I have avoided editing any of these photos, I have no make up on, I didn't even look in a mirror before these were taken what you are seeing is ALL me, all natural as it should be. It was such a fun day and I hope that comes through in the pictures.

As a part of me learning to be comfortable in my own skin and fat I have been working my way up to wearing a bikini. only a year ago I would not be seen dead at the pools in togs without board shorts but one day I decided this is silly, board shorts are so uncomfortable and not even flattering, why am I restricting myself because of pale legs and self consciousness. So I bought myself the Rivera one piece swimsuit form City Chic last year and have been swimming in it heaps. But my real goal was to get in a bikini in public and holy moly I met goal the other week when we went picnicking. 

Top - Asos Curve
Bottoms - City Chic

As I stood here a meter long Eel swam right past me!
So lets talk about the stuff I am wearing! The top is from Asos Curves new range of swim wear which you can find here and the bottoms are from City Chic on the sale rack. I think the top looks okay but Im not running out to order another one, the material feels on the cheaper side and the white is more off white up close. The buttons are stitched on crookedly and there is not enough support for my big boobs unless you count my neck (which I don't). It also has boning on the sides to help it sit properly, but lets face it your chucking two random bits of structure to keep something flat on a not so flat waistline, it was a disaster and I have taken them out. I have hunted for a bikini top with thick straps and no halter for months and found nothing, I even tried converting an old bra and cutting up an old tankini and still failed. Overall I would give this top a 4/10 just because comfort is important to me and this hasn't really done the job. I will wear this again as its handy to have something less bulky to chuck in a bag if heading to the beach . One of my reasons to own a bikini styled top is to be able to get changed under a T-shirt with bra. I will always envy flat chested ladies who wear bikinis under maxi dresses and holiday outfits, always ready for a swim at a moments notice.

So there you have it world! Me with my pale skin bared to the world on a fantastic day in Wellington.
How comfortable are you in your swimsuits? Check out all the other curvy ladies rocking their swimsuits below!


Sheer black

I thought today I would share an outfit I am wearing right now. Sheer fabric has always scared me. It shows my rolls and my bra, but today I was feeling edgy and I love the way this top fits me. I've been wearing the top with a skirt all day but tonight I am gong to the movies by starlight in Waitangi park and wanted to cover up my legs incase it gets chilly when the sun goes down. My boyfriend will probably disown me when he gets home as he has very strong opinions regarding leggings, "Leggings are not pants Ezmae" he says all the time. For a long time I was with him, but lately I have opened my wardrobe to many new pieces of clothing and styles and I just want to be comfortable and not give a toss what everyone thinks of my camel toe. Wow that felt good to say. So here I am in leggings as pants (with slight camel toe), showing of my rolls and bra for all of you to cringe or adore over!

Top - City Chic
Necklace - Virtu/TS14
Leggings - The Warehouse
Ballet Flats - Torrid

It is well and truly feeling like summer here in Wellington! The last week has been sunny blue skys everyday and a gorgeous breeze. You really cannot beat Wellington on a perfect day. I have been spending a lot of my days lounging around the back garden on a picnic blanket eating salads and drinking iced coffee and reading Game of Thrones series. It has truly been marvelous and although I will miss all these relaxing days doing nothing I am so looking forward to Uni starting back up in a month!

I hope the weather is being kind to the rest of you, stay cool!